Why Choose The Mesh Computer Chair And The Difference With The Ordinary Mesh Computer Chair

- Aug 26, 2018-

Why choose the mesh computer chair and the difference with the ordinary mesh computer chair
 People who are sedentary are facing more than 8 hours of computers every day, and is the computer chair under PP comfortable? Of course, the first thing we consider is health and comfort. Most of the computer chairs on the market are cushions with sponge and sponge. They are soft and comfortable. Some roots don’t have the function of heat dissipation. It is a rapid rise in temperature, and the hot summer is a step closer to us. When it takes a long time, PP will feel stuffy, so in the hot days, the computer chair designed by Mesh is very popular among the crowd, and it is currently sought after in the market. The design of the ergonomic chair is mainly for those who are sedentary, and the elasticity of the imported mesh is also very good. The most important feature is that the breathability is better than that of the traditional cloth chair, and it is very suitable for a long time. People who are sitting in the office.
The ergonomic chair is not just a concept, it will quickly enter our lives and become an indispensable tool for everyday work.
 Why is the mesh chair surface popular?
  The first big advantage is good breathability, a single layer of mesh, so you won't feel hot all summer.
  The second is elastic, high elastic mesh, which makes your body more relaxed.
  The third is toughness (fitting the body).
 These are well understood, but the earliest design has a big technical difficulty is the compressive strength of the mesh. It was not until the 1980s when the material science reached a certain level that Americans used the production chair. It is said that as long as you are leaning in the range of 30 degrees, the 200 kg big fat man will not fall over and fall over the nose and face, and you and I will not fall asleep because of the relaxation.
The imported high-end mesh chair has the characteristics of: breathable, strong and durable.
  Mainly because the high-grade imported mesh cloth is more breathable than the ordinary mesh cloth chair, it will be more comfortable to sit up.
  The mesh of the high-grade mesh chair is more important. The general mesh can only act as a seat back. It is used as a seat cushion or not. The pressure on the back of the chair is small. The seat cushion needs to bear a lot of force, so the market Mesh chair, generally mesh chair back, cloth seat cushion chair, high-grade mesh chair with special imported mesh cloth, with strong pressure, wear-resistant and durable, nylon plus fiber special weaving method, make the net Cloth exerts a greater advantage, that is, the use of smoke or other sharp damage, the mesh will not spread, but also can be used normally, that is, the appearance is not beautiful, this net cloth is recognized by everyone, so the current consumption capacity allows It will be used in high-end mesh chairs.