What Is The Difference Between An Electric Chair And A Computer Chair? What Kind Of Electric Chair Is Good?

- Jun 04, 2018-

What is the difference between an electric chair and a computer chair? What kind of electric chair is good?
There are all kinds of e-sports chairs available on the market. In the last article, we introduced the four points that need to be noted in the selection of electric gaming chairs. This article will objectively address the following two points:

Which is better than the computer chair?

What is the advantage of the Ogg Elegent Chair over the branded E-sports chair in the same price range?
First of all, what is better than the computer chair?

1, Ou Ge's materials more solid than computer chairs, use a longer time.

In fact, we can see the computer chair page can also be found that ordinary computer chair warranty time is almost 1 year. But proud time warranty is 3 years, the skeleton is a lifetime warranty.

Compared with the computer chair, the unique body steel frame design of the e-sports chair forms a design style with a very high degree of match with the e-sports. Among them, hand-brake recliners and multifunctional handrails have also been introduced. Feeling strong, more suitable for consumer groups. The design of this steel frame greatly extends the service life and enhances the firmness. Because the ordinary computer chair is either full-net or long-time, it is easily deformed or it is meshed. The sponge will collapse after sitting for a long time.

At the same time, the Ogg e-sports chair, even if it is a net cloth, Ouge e-sports chair mesh is also different from other computer chairs, the use of 100% polyester + high elasticity, but also equipped with a flame-retardant material, knife scraping is not broken, Burning is not flammable, much higher than ordinary net cloth, will not be deformed, support more.
2 The sponge of the Ogg E-sports chair is a stereotyped sponge, and ordinary computer chairs can hardly do it.

One of the great advantages of stereotyped sponges is that they do not deform for a long time. However, ordinary computer chairs do not use stereotyped sponges. Because the shaping sponge is independently molded and pressed, the process is one step more expensive than other common cushion sponges and the cost is higher. Ogg can assure you that for normal use, an Ogle E-sports chair can be used for ten years.

3. The function of the Ogg E-sports chair is more complete than that of a general computer chair.

Ordinary computer chair is also lifted, reclined, and carefree, but the Ouge electric chair is also more studied on the armrest, lifting, rotating, moving inside and outside, the user can adjust the armrest to the level of the desktop, or suitable for the game The habitual position is more suitable for game players.

4. The appearance of the Ogg E-sports chair is more like that of a regular computer chair.

This is a subjective feeling, so put it to the last point. When everyone plays the game, is it easy to enter the state with an angular, color-fitted gaming chair? Is it more like sitting on an e-sports throne? Ordinary computer chairs cannot do this completely. of.

So, where is the difference between the Ogg e-sports chair and the computer chair?

The old drivers who studied the chair said that the ergonomic chair is not good. Ergonomically speaking, it is a powerful support for all parts of the body to disperse forces and reduce the pressure on the joints of the lumbar spine and cervical spine.

Considering the reasons for firmness, the pu models of many e-sports chairs, including arrogance, are steel frame structures. Although the sturdiness is high, the backrest can only be made up to one straight plate, on the back curve of the chair and on the back of the human body. There is fit, and rely on the headrest and lumbar pillow to support the body, but this has been able to meet the needs of most users.