What Is The Difference Between A Professional E-sports Chair And An Ordinary Computer Chair, Suitable For Use In The Office?

- Sep 02, 2018-

What is the difference between a professional e-sports chair and an ordinary computer chair, suitable for use in the office?
One is in design,

The second is in the selection of materials.

Design is the essence, relatively intuitive and easy to see, mainly including design, ergonomic system design, material selection;

Everyone's experience is different. I suggest you go to the store to experience it.
Whether it is an esports chair or a computer chair, it should start from the product itself. Some esports chairs have an ergonomic title, claiming that their brand is available. In fact, it is not difficult to see that there is no ergonomic design, and the real experience is not wrong.

Compared with the products on the market, most of the e-sports are not ergonomic, and the price of ergonomic products generally exceeds other products of the same type.

Some people therefore believe that ergonomics is expensive and not for ordinary people to consume.

But is this the case? Ergonomic products are designed to suit the needs of the individual, emphasizing unparalleled comfort.
The esports chair looks good, but in the summer, it is particularly hot, and the computer chair is more suitable for the office. I suggest it is a computer chair.
Expanding information:
E-sports chair, e-sports seat, referred to as e-sports chair. Among them, e-sports is an activity in which the video game competition reaches the "athletic" level. E-sports is an intellectual confrontation exercise between people using electronic devices as exercise equipment.

The design of the esports chair is ergonomic and easy for the user to operate and experience. Since some games require a high level of effort from the user and a long sitting posture, the esports chair can guarantee the user's comfort.

Through exercise, you can exercise and improve the team's thinking ability, reaction ability, heart and limb coordination and willpower, and cultivate team spirit.