Teach You How To Buy A Computer Chair

- May 04, 2018-

The cushion should be comfortable. The usual computer chair is a sponge cushion. A good cushion is usually thick and has a concave curve to accustom the body's ass curve. It plays an outstanding support and maintenance effect on the body. A good cushion is better elasticity. You have a comfortable feeling of sitting.

The backrest should be secure. The backrest of the computer chair must also be characterized by its comfortable feel and safety. Some chairs have some loose backrests, and even slight shaking can cause noise. Such chairs are not only simply damaged, but also sometimes have safety hazards.

Lift the steering rod. If you are purchasing a swivel chair, you must do a lift to the swivel chair. Feel the lift process is not smooth, there is no loose appearance. If the lift feels blocked or feels dry, think about quality.

Other details. Hand test on the handrail, bump is not comfortable, swing around, see the overall layout of the chair is not stable. Turn the chair over and watch the shaded layout. If you find that the parts are rough or even rust, then you can attribute them to defective products.