Swivel Chair Purchase Knowledge

- Jun 18, 2018-

Swivel chair purchase knowledge
Style: consistent with their own hobby
From the base point of view, there are round chassis type and pentagonal wheel type; look back, there is a high back, low back and no chair back; swivel chairs of all kinds of swivel chairs are also different, solid mahogany has noble and elegant The gas, and the steel armrest swivel chair is chic, a large number of pure white and smooth surface, very modern and avant-garde style.
Swivel chair
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Color: Look at comfort as well
Common red, blue and orange. Red swing chairs should be avoided in the bedroom or study to avoid being overly active. Orange produces vitality. This color-based swivel chair is suitable for the entertainment room, but it is not suitable for the bedroom and the study. Blue gives a feeling of tranquility.
Function: Choose from the use of space
High-back swivel chair, suitable for home use, can convey a casual, relaxed home atmosphere; streamline shape, strong contrast color, a strong visual aesthetic swivel chair, very suitable for single aristocrats or family study, studio; personal style is strong The casual swivel chair is suitable for a corner or balcony in the living room.
Quality: All-round inspection
First of all, you need to sit on the floor to try it out and feel the comfort of the swivel chair; then drag on the ground for some distance. The runner of the good swivel chair is stable and won't slip; then you press the seat to check the seat. The elasticity of the cotton surface is good, indicating that the quality is good. If it is pressed down for a long time, it will indicate that there is a problem with the inner quality. Finally, check if the pressure pad is reliable.
Price: Not the only measure
Swivel chair's price gap is very large, expensive to reach a few tens of thousands of dollars, a few hundred dollars cheaper, and some even only a few tens of dollars. Buyers can choose different grades and price swivel chairs according to their own economic level and home needs. However, the price is not the only standard to measure the quality of swivel chairs. The key is to examine the quality and function of swivel chairs.