Standard Size Of Office Chairs

- May 27, 2018-

Standard size of office chairs
Furniture is based on different functions of chairs. According to anthropometric data and national standards of scale, it continuously tests high speed and reasonably selects values to achieve.
The requirements of scientific design.
Standard size parameters for office chairs
Parameter name male and female parameter name men and women
The seat height is 41 to 43cm 39 to 41cm and the height of the backrest is 41~42 cm 39 to 40cm.
Seat deep 40 ~ 42cm 38~40 cm backrest width 40~42 cm 40 ~ 42.04cm
The width of the seat is 40 to 42cm 40~42 cm, and the backrest gradient is three three 98 to 102 degrees 98 to 102 degrees.
30 ~ 40cm 38~40 cm after sitting