How To Use The Dehumidifier? Household Dehumidifier Use Methods And Precautions

- Aug 12, 2018-

How to use the dehumidifier? Household dehumidifier use methods and precautions
The general household dehumidifiers use the same method. I use the Ou Lun dehumidifier as an example to explain the specifications of the dehumidifier:
1. First of all, don't rush to use it when you first receive it. It is recommended to stand the dehumidifier for 1-2 hours and wait for the refrigerant inside the machine to stabilize before using it.
2. When using, do not block the air inlet and outlet, to avoid the dehumidifier exhausting, resulting in excessive internal temperature.
3. After the dehumidifier is turned on, it will display a value indicating the humidity of the current room. If you want to reduce the humidity of the room, you can press the button, press the desired humidity, and automatically reset the current after 2 seconds of flashing. Humidity, indicating that it has been set successfully. When the room humidity reaches the preset humidity, the machine will stop working and enter the standby state.
4. In addition, if the humidity is kept down, the machine will display CO, indicating that it is set to continuous dehumidification, the machine will always dehumidify until the water tank is full or manually shut down.
5. Look at the situation using high winds and low winds. High windshield exhaust air is large, dehumidification will be more efficient, but the noise will increase. Low windshield, dehumidification effect will be reduced, when the noise will be reduced a lot, so at rest, it is recommended to open low wind, dry clothes or in daily life can open high wind file.
6. Now the dehumidifiers on the market generally have an external drainage function. First, remove the water tank, plug the drain hole at the bottom with a plug, and connect the water pipe to the drain hole of the fuselage to avoid the need to continuously pour water. upset. There are also some dehumidifiers designed to be very user-friendly. For example, the Euron dehumidifier can simply drain the rubber plug and connect it to the water pipe to drain directly. When the water pipe is unplugged and the plug is plugged, it will automatically become a water tank to receive water.