How To Adjust The Office Chair Back?

- Sep 02, 2018-

How to adjust the office chair back?
The adjustable office chair will have an adjustment handle, usually on the right hand side of the seat. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Sit on the computer chair and find the adjustment handle. 2. Pull the handle and push the back slightly to release it. The handle can be fixed at an angle; if you want to adjust it back, continue to move the handle, the back will use a little force, the back of the chair will bounce back; 3. The backrest is flat: generally there is a lever under the right hand armrest; 4. Swing back and forth : There is a thick black cylinder in front of the chair gas bar, which can be adjusted by swinging left and right.
Expanding information:

   The key is to look at the type of chair at home. One is a circle, the counterclockwise becomes lower, the clockwise becomes higher, and the screw principle. There is also a handle under the seat, and the handle is adjusted to the height. According to the style and performance of the computer chair, the reclining angle can be divided into 90°, 100°, 125°, and some computer chairs reach the 155° reclining angle. Scientific studies have shown that 90°, 100° and 125° are sufficient for normal use when reclining.

   Below we will break down the role and effect of the computer chair at various angles. When the backrest and the cushion are 90°, that is, the right angle state we are talking about, the body can be made vertical, and the natural relaxation state can be handled, so that the back and the computer chair back can be fitted together to protect the lumbar vertebrae and the cervical vertebrae; when the backrest and the cushion are used; When it is 100°, this is a state of people who are slightly relaxed, that is, non-working. At this time, it is more suitable to watch movies online, or play some casual games (use 90° backrest for competitive games). In this perspective, a certain concentration of attention, while people are in a more relaxed state, can also play a role in protecting vision; when you end the day of tired work, you can adjust the computer chair to 125 °. 125° is used for the angle of the small pimple, taking a small rest on the eyes, fatigue, sweeping away, packing things, going home to enjoy life; some computer chairs can reach a back angle of 155°, at this angle The body is almost in a flat state, 155° is used for deep sleep, and the black and white tone is not recommended for general friends in this angle. For deep sleep, choose a 180° flat lay for more comfort. The basic principle of ergonomics is that there is no such thing as a "normal" person.

   But it is unrealistic to design an office chair specifically for each consumer. The only solution seems to be to provide a fully adjustable office chair. Choose a chair like this: > It's easy to adjust the chair when sitting > Easy to adjust height and tilt > No pressure on the thighs and knees > The front of the chair is tilted to the ground to adjust the height of the chair: standing in front of the chair, the height of the chair is Sitting on the chair under the kneecap, the inside of the knee and the front edge of the chair are 5cm away from the backrest so that there is no gap under the back. The handrail just touches the elbow. Through the above knowledge of the adjustment of the angle of the computer chair, you can choose according to your needs. The computer chair angle is up.