How Do Companies Choose Office Furniture

- May 04, 2018-

The style is the same: all kinds of furniture used in the same place in the styling are generally consistent in style, reflecting a certain corporate culture, such as the historic hotel has its own decoration style and furniture matching features.

Strong and durable: As the furniture in the public space is serviced by many people, this special function requires furniture to be durable in design and selection, especially the quality of the furniture that people often come into contact with.

Soft colors: Most of the furniture in the public spaces require soft colors, and strong contrast between colors is not advocated. Since the furniture in the public space must meet the aesthetic requirements of most people, the color of the furniture in the public space must be taken into account by most people. Aesthetic requirements.

Reliable: Office furniture in public spaces often does not require more personality. In particular, the selection of shapes and materials should make people feel better. Avoid sharp shapes, unstable structures, fragile, moldy, contaminated, and toxic materials as much as possible to avoid causing worries.