How Can The Office Chair Can Be Lowered

- Jul 30, 2018-

How can the office chair can be lowered?
The office has a liftable office chair, which is the kind of operating lever under the bench. I pressed the white button on the support bar with the operating lever, and the chair surface rose up, but how should it be lowered?
There are two kinds of lift swivel chairs, one is pneumatic and the other is spiral. The pneumatic lift swivel chair needs to sit on the chair and lift up a joystick under the chair to lower the weight of the body. On the contrary, the chair rises. If the spiral swivel chair is generally turned clockwise, the chair will be lowered, and the counterclockwise turn knob will raise.
To say that it is easy to understand is to do the following:
(1) Sitting in the office chair normally. (2) The body is tilted to the right, the right hand is lowered to the seat, and a handle is touched; (3) the handle is gently pulled up, and the office chair sinks; (4) the office chair sinks to the right position and the right hand is released. .
There is also a need to pay attention to the fact that the pneumatic chair is a new type of chair. There is a cylinder inside the chair. The piston rod in the cylinder moves up and down to support the chair. The gas pressure bar is filled with nitrogen gas. Generally, the gas purity is less than 90%, there may be safety hazards, and the gas pressure rod is not tightly sealed, which may cause gas to escape. In addition, the material of the gas pressure rod itself is also critical. If unqualified materials are used, it may be Cause an explosion. Therefore, when purchasing such a seat, it is necessary to purchase genuine products, which are not cheap and cause unnecessary damage to the human body. Moreover, the use of such a seat requires light sitting and lightness, and no other force can be applied to the seat to exert too much force. .