The correct use of lift chairs

- May 04, 2018-

First of all, after we have just started to adjust the chairlift, we should not always adjust the chairlift anymore. Regular adjustments can easily cause damage to the pneumatic rod. Many people like to rotate the chairlift when they are all right, or rotate when thinking. , This wear bar is even more powerful, it will form an explosion hidden chair lift must find a professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance.

Don't dismantle it easily to avoid danger If you find that the adjustment function is not good to use or other situations, be sure to stop using the service to find someone to repair. Do not make use of it to cause unnecessary damage. The chair must be checked regularly.

There is also maintenance, and at regular intervals, it is necessary to see if there is looseness, cracks, etc. When using, do not always sit at the front of the chair lift so as not to cause uneven force and distorting the chair.

Last but not least, remember not to arbitrarily change or add any accessories to the chair lift so as not to affect the use of the chair.