Standard size of cafe tables and chairs

- May 04, 2018-

Cafe tables: The cafe round tables are more suitable for conversations during meals. The atmosphere is more relaxed and intimate, and the number of people should be flexible. When the space is narrow, a rectangular coffee table is appropriate. The rectangular coffee table is also more formal. If you are particular about dining etiquette, it is more appropriate. The height of the coffee table is based on 75cm and does not exceed 5cm.

Cafe chairs: The seat height should be between 42-44cm. If the height is too low, the legs will not bend naturally. When you stand up, you will find it difficult. The seat depth of the coffee chair is generally not less than 38cm in front of the seat. 34-42cm, the total height of the seat back is 85-100cm, choose to sit deeper in the chair, tall people feel comfortable sitting, and short people will feel helpless. When using the armchair in the restaurant, make sure that the handrail does not touch the table top. If not, pushing it under the table will take up more space. If the dining table in the coffee table is not set, pay attention to the height of the chair. The difference in desktop height is 27-32cm.