Office chair knowledge articles

- Aug 19, 2018-

Office chair knowledge articles
 Office chairs are long-term use of furniture products. Many manufacturers' products are limited for various reasons. Their products often look similar when they are bought. However, after one and a half years of use, functional failures (such as air pressure rise and fall) Failure), the chair body tilted left and right, the screw is loose. What's more, some low-fresh products have been used for about three months. Such a situation makes the company's supervisors have a big headache. To replace the short-term time is not in line with economic principles, and it is difficult to obtain management approval. However, if it is not replaced, it will affect the company's image, reduce employee productivity and affect employees' work mood and indirect losses. It is difficult to estimate.

    So a company, of course, understands the truth. From the selection of materials, processing technology, structure and design, the brand office seats should employ senior designers and engineers from the industry, with special attention to the above issues. No matter in quality, firmness, durability, etc., it can become the leader in the industry. The brand office chair fully considers and refers to the requirements of protecting the human spine in Europe and America. With full consideration of ergonomics, all office chairs can adapt to the weight, body shape and sitting posture of different people.

    Slimming exercise on the office chair is slimming

    How do office workers who work all day long lose weight? He is too busy every day, even the time of rest is deprived, so don't say go to the gym to lose weight. However, slimming doesn't have to go to the gym, it can be done in the office.

    Slimming exercise on the office chair: sitting on the office chair for too long If you feel tired, you may try to do some small exercise, which can both rest the brain and play the role of slimming. Sitting on the chair, slowly raise your legs up, gently put your hands on the lower abdomen, slowly exhale and tighten the lower abdomen at the same time. When the lower abdomen receives the tightest, the gas also spits out, then slowly Start inhaling, this breathing gym is very simple, but stick to it will lose your little belly. In the office chair, you can also make your calf slim, the back is sitting straight at 2/3 of the office chair, put a few books under your feet, put your toes on the books, then rub your feet, press the heels backwards and try to Improve, the calf and abdomen force, repeat 20 times or so can help you lose the fat on the calf.

    Coffee slimming method: Drinking a cup of coffee in the afternoon can help digestion after meals and promote fat burning. Before going to work, drink a cup of coffee and walk with it, which has a good slimming effect. At the same time, there are secrets to drinking coffee: coffee is best not to add sugar, and drinking black coffee is good for health. A cup of 100 grams of black coffee has only 2.55 kilocalories, so after drinking a cup of black coffee, it can effectively break down fat. . Hot coffee is also more helpful than ice coffee to consume body fat.


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