Office chair installation steps

- Aug 06, 2018-

Office chair installation steps
Recently, the office purchased a group of office chairs from a certain treasure. There are 6 tables and 12 chairs. The parts are shipped separately. Therefore, you need to install them yourself after arrival. Since the seller did not put the drawings, he thought about it for a while before he knew how to install it. The following steps will be shared with everyone.
Tools/raw materials
Office chair parts (left and right handrails, backrests, cushions, brackets, screws)
Method / step
1 Check parts and tools. Includes backrest, armrests, seat cushions, bottom brackets, and screws.
Method / step
2 Turn the seat cushion over the floor and align the hole (eight-shaped) of the iron bracket with the hole on the seat cushion.
3 Screw the screws (long, medium, and short) into the screw holes by hand. There may be cases where the holes on the iron frame cannot be aligned with the holes on the seat cushion. In this case, use a screwdriver to slightly tilt the screw holes to make the holes. Can be aligned with the hole in the iron frame.
4 The base is installed. Align the left or right handrail with the hole at the edge of the base. Note that the part of the base is not attached. The oblique part of the handrail is placed in a book with a horizontal iron frame for the back of the chair.
5 The left and right handrails are installed in the same way, but it should be noted that the screw holes on the left and right handrails are not well installed. It is best to drill the screw holes with a screwdriver beforehand, or use the screws to test if they can be screwed before the armrests are placed.
6 left and right handrails are installed. Align the holed portion of the back with the portion of the hole for the armrest, and place the backrest on the inside of the hole in the armrest. Also drill the hole with a screwdriver first, and try the screw hole size with the screw. Then use the middle screw, the short screw is more difficult to screw on.