How to choose the fabric of the computer chair?

- May 04, 2018-

On a large scale, it is divided into leather and fabric.

Soft leather: In general, soft leather has imitation leather, leather and flannel.

First of all, we can touch the computer chair to see how it feels, whether the surface texture is clear, and whether the gloss is good, will not decolorize, how wear resistance, resistance to light and so on.

Hard skin: feel better, and light and abrasion resistance are good, and will not crack when used in cold places, and will not fade and peeling, this type of leather is better, But the price is also relatively inexpensive.

The cloth mainly consists of a net cloth. From the appearance, its entire cloth surface will be flat and plump, and there will be no obvious color difference. At the same time, it has strong tear resistance, strong light resistance, and can have Stitched.