How to choose a good office chair, it is recommended to choose Anji Ouge.

- Aug 06, 2018-

How to choose a good office chair, it is recommended to choose Anji Ouge.
How to choose a good office chair, let your life and work get twice the result with half the effort.
The first thing to look at is the gas lever, which is more important. The quality of the gas lever is one of the important elements that determine the safety factor of the office chair. The external standard gas column is graded first, second, third, and the general level 2 is considered to be foreign trade gas. The test standard for gas rods is the SGS test. If you buy it, from the appearance, the quality of the gas bar that chooses SHS or LANT is guaranteed. All of Og's gas rods are three-stage gas rods, which pass the BIFMA test standard.
In fact, it depends on the fabric. Fabrics are generally divided into cowhide and synthetic leather (generally known as PU or PVC). The classification of cowhide is more, there are high-grade top layer cowhide, two-layer skin, suede, etc., but everyone should pay attention to what is said here. The leather seat refers to the surface of the contact interview leather, not to say that all the places are cowhide, like the back is PVC or PU fabric, which can save costs. Nowadays, many merchants take a two-layer leather to pretend to be cowhide. Many buyers who do not understand will feel that they have earned a small amount of money. You must learn to be discerned in order to be deceived. The texture of the high-grade cowhide will be softer, and the texture of the cowhide will appear after pressing, and will disappear quickly after being released. Smell the taste of the leather, if it is high-grade cowhide, the taste is relatively light, not very pungent. Og's cowhide is made of high-grade top layer cowhide, which is a good choice.
The choice of chassis is the embodiment of the seat's recline function and overall collaboration comfort. There are a lot of chassis on the market that are the simplest chassis, with the function of locking and simple tilting, but it is uncomfortable when leaning backwards during use. Often the design of the international first-line brand, its chassis must be comfortable, such as Herman Miller, steelcase and other brands, its chassis design is very special, giving people a very good experience. The chassis technology used by Auger's TICE products is patented and recommended.