5 precautions for choosing a stand-up computer desk

- Sep 09, 2018-

5 precautions for choosing a stand-up computer desk
[Abstract] Long-term standing requires an acclimation period. Compared to sitting, it can consume 30% of the extra heat. The monitor needs to look flat and needs an anti-fatigue pad to relieve the pressure on the foot.
Obviously, sedentary is not good for health, but for many office workers who rely on computer work, it is very common to sit for one day. The cervical vertebrae and the spine will have problems over time. Therefore, the electrically adjustable height of the stand-up computer desk has become a solution. We have seen many European and American start-ups launch similar products, and even large manufacturers such as IKEA have joined the competition. However, standing office is another form of computer use. Before buying such products, you need to pay attention to the following five parts:

1. an adaptation period

After most testers experience, the use of stand-up computer desks requires a certain amount of adaptation time, and the first week is often the most difficult. After all, from sitting to standing all day, you may feel more tired. Of course, stand-up computer desks generally have an electric height adjustment function, which can be easily adjusted by buttons, which is helpful.

2. Can lose weight

What is certain is that you are not standing and standing in order to stand up. In fact, standing has many benefits, such as losing weight. Studies have shown that standing office can consume 30% more calories than sitting, with an average of 2,000 calories per working day. Of course, the pressure on the cervical spine and the spine will also be relieved.

3. Display height is very important

The height of the display determines the experience of standing office. The best condition is full head-up, no need to bow, so as to relieve the pressure on the cervical spine. While most stand-up computer desks can be adjusted in height, you may need additional equipment to get a better display angle.

4. You may need an anti-fatigue pad

Although standing office has many benefits, it can be painful for the feet, especially in the first few weeks. At this time, you can choose an anti-fatigue pad to relieve the pressure on your feet. Another pair of comfortable shoes is also helpful.

5. Cable management

Non-standard height upright computer desks may cause some problems with computer cable management. In order to avoid the hidden dangers caused by chaos, you can choose to fix the cable behind the desk (or fixed on the wall) for better. The experience of using.